ClayTech – Court Conversion


is a tennis court surface consisting of a natural crushed stone, brick, or combination of stone and brick infilled into a needle punched polypropylene membrane. The membrane is attached to an existing hard, asphalt or concrete, tennis court with an approved adhesive. Playing lines are created from approved epoxy filler and colored with white acrylic line paint.
The existing surface should be inspected for cracking and low-spots. The areas should be addressed and corrected prior to the application of adhesive and the membrane. The correction of the cracks and/or low spots should be done as outlined in the American Sports Builders Association (ASBA) specifications entitled, “Maintenance & Repair of Asphalt Tennis Courts”.
ClayTech courts placed over existing asphalt and concrete should have a slope of not less than .5% and not more than 1% slope. ClayTech courts should not be placed as to drain directly onto adjacent hard courts. Although not recommended, may drain directly onto adjacent Har-Tru courts. If the slope of a battery is across multiple courts, it may be advisable to install a channel drain in between each court or sets of courts to intercept excessive storm water.
ClayTech Membranes are supplied in approximately 6′ – 8″ wide by 60′ – 4″ wide long rolls. These rolls will need to be stored in a vertical fashion until they are placed on the court. Half width rolls (3′-4″ wide) may be provided by the manufacturer for some applications. Rolls should be placed on the court parallel to the direction of the slope of the asphalt or concrete surface course and are seamed by double cutting with approved cutting tools.