Hydrocourt Underground Watering System

While HAR-TRU® clay courts can be maintained with conventional, above-ground watering systems, nearly two thirds of all new court installations use underground irrigation. Here’s why more people than ever are opting for, what many believe, is the best of the best underground watering system available—HydroCourt.



    Perfect playing conditions 24/7. 
    HydroCourts stay uniformly wet, smooth and firm for a consistent bounce and exceptional footing.
    More available court time.
    HydroCourt technology eliminates midday shut downs and improves drainage. HydroCourts are playable during light rain and dry rapidly after a heavy one.

      Maintenance is cut in half.
      HydroCourts need infrequent rolling and brushing is required only once daily.
      The court waters automatically and uses 40% less.

        HydroCourts can be as much as 20 degrees cooler than a hard court. With water
        rising from below, some people even feel like the courts are air conditioned.