Omni Court Tennis System

 The world’s premium synthetic grass court surfaces.

An Omni Court is a synthetic grass surface that is popular for its years of low maintenance combined with its softness which is easy on the legs and body.

The court is essentially a synthetic carpet or turf permanently placed over an asphalt surface. Sand is then applied over the surface. The bounces tend to be lower and faster, much like a natural grass court.

Advantages: Very durable and low maintenance, possible to play on wet, gives classic grass look to the court.

For over 40 years Omnicourt tennis court surfacing systems have been installed internationally for the elite club and domestic court market. Introduced originally into the premium Australasian private court market, Omnicourt has been extensively laid throughout the Asia Pacific region by way of an elite agent network.


Quite simply the best synthetic grass surface on the market! Designed with the direct input of seasoned tennis professionals in the hugely competitive USA market. Procourt represents the fastest growing domestic surface available due to performance and appearance of the exclusive fibre.

More recently Omnicourt Procourt has been selected for those Clubs looking for something special for their members, such as Royal Sydney Golf Club!

Procourt provides the perfect package of higher yarn weight to pile height ratio for the consistency of play and comfort. The critical ingredient is a specially designed 6700 denier fibre, manufactured with an excusive ’square’ profile as opposed to regular fibrillated flat tape, and used exclusively for Omnicourt Procourt.

Procourt has set the standard for the elite synthetic grass tennis court market and, in combination with our quality approved agent network, gives the finishing touch to an installation that spells success.


Omnicourt Super 10 provides all the very best characteristics of the outstanding yarn at competitive pricing. The outstanding benefit is seen in multi-court tennis clubs where Super 10 has been down for well over 10 years!

Omni Super 10 – designed for playability, durability and appearance.

The strong 10,000 denier fibre, in a 19mm pile height and proven yarn weight structure, sets up Super 10 to dominate the club market in longevity and performance.